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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Design and Analysis Book

Only methodical analysis gives us an insight into the design process, or into the way in which an object has been put together. This book is an ideal tool to teach and learn analytical methods that can be applied to any design process. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, and using historical examples of architecture, urban design, and landscape architecture, the book traces the evolution of design principles from ancient Greece to the 20th Century.The subject matter is organized in six different parts corresponding to all the major factors that may influence a designer's decision. Emphasis is put into analytical drawings and their applications to different subjects Design and analysis are inseparable processes. All architects, designers, urban planners, and landscape architects use similar methods of analysis to understand the structure and compositional principles of things that have already been built.
Download Here: Design and Analysis Book

Uitgeverij | ISBN: 9064502595 | 1997-06 | PDF | 224 pages | 16 Mb



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