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Friday, December 31, 2010

Tadao Ando Recent Work

Architecture Book. Masao Furuyama, Tadao Ando Recent Work . This book provides the perfect introduction to Ando’s work, including private homes, churches, museums, apartment complexes, and cultural spaces throughout Japan, and in France, Italy, Spain, and the USA.

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Ormograf | Spanish | 1996 | ISBN: 8425216524 | File type: PDF | 208 pages | 81 mb

Architecture Competition Collection 2002

Architecture Competition Collection 2002.

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Archiworld Building | Korean, English | 2002 | ISBN: N/A | File type: PDF | 336 pages | 108 mb

Japan Architecture Interior Style

Geeta Mehta Kimie Tada "Japan Style: Architecture, Interiors Design".Traditional Japanese homes, with superbly crafted fine wood, great workmanship and seasonal interior arrangements, have an aesthetic of infinite simplicity. Unlike Japanese inns and historical buildings, the houses featured in this book are private property and are not open to public viewing. Japan Style offers a rare glimpse into the intimate world of the everyday Japanese and fascinating insight into the traditional architecture of Japan.

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Tuttle Publishing, February 2005 | ISBN: 0804835926 | PDF Format, 228 pages | Engish | 30 mb

Concept of Identity Book

Georgia Butina-Watson and Ian Bentley "Identity by Design". Identity by Design addresses the idea of place-making and the concept of identity, looking at how these things can be considered as an integral part of the design process. Structured around a series of case studies including Prague, Mexico, Malaysia and Boston, the authors discuss an array of design approaches to explain and define the complex interrelated concepts. The concluding sections of the book suggest ideas for practical application in future design processes.

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download here Identity by Design
Architectural Press | April 2007 | ISBN: 0750647671 | File type: PDF | 298 pages | 27,4 mb

Thursday, December 30, 2010

book of Le Corbusier in Detail

Flora Samuel “Le Corbusier in Detail". Le Corbusier in Detail. It illustrates the ways in which Le Corbusier's details were expressive of his overall philosophical intentions. It is not a construction book in the usual sense- rather it focusses onthe meaning of detail, on the ways in which detail informs the overall architectural narrative of a building. Well illustrated and containing several specially prepared scaled drawings it acts as timely reminder to both students and architects of the possibilities inherent in the most small scale tectonic gestures.

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Architectural Press | 2007-08-27 | ISBN: 0750663545 | 264 pages | File type: PDF | 10 mb

The Guide to Green Engineering and Design

Sustainable Infrastructure: The Guide to Green Engineering and Design . Sustainable Infrastructure explores this trend with in-depth look at sustainable engineeringpractices in an urban design as it involves watershed master-planning, green building, optimizing water reuse, reclaiming urban spaces, green streets initiatives, and sustainable master-planning. This complete guide provides guidance on the role creative thinking and collaborative team-building play in meeting solutions needed to affect a sustainable transformation of the built environment

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Bry Sarte Wiley | English | 2010-09-07 | ISBN: 0470453613 | 384 pages | File type: PDF | 15 mb

Design Guidefor Laboratory

Laboratory Design guide book. Modern laboratories cannot be designed successfully by non-specialist architectural/engineering teams. Even those with experience require guidelines as well as reference to facilities which have proved their worth through successful operation. The guide is particularly rich in demonstrative examples not only of completed projects involving the Author and other architects, but also of some under construction or at the design stage. The 43 case studies represent a good spread of laboratory design principles and practices

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Publisher: Architectural Press | pages: 384 | 2004 | ISBN: 0750660899 | File type: PDF | 10,8 mb

Antoni Gaudi Recent Work

Rainer Zerbst, "Antoni Gaudi". This book is great it lets you see all of Gaudi's works with great pictures and show Barcelona from a great angle of more photos are like it if you are passionate about the architecture of Gaudi!

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Taschen | French | August 1, 2002 | ISBN: 3822821691 | File type: PDF | 220 pages | 264 mb

Book of How Design for Water

Design for Water: Rainwater Harvesting, Stormwater Catchment, and Alternate Water Reuse. The entire world now faces the reality of a decreasing supply of clean water. To avert a devastating shortage, we must not only look at alternate water sources for existing structures but must plan our new developments differently.

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download here How Design for Water
New Society Publishers; 1 edition | June 1, 2007 | ISBN-10: 0865715807 | 240 pages | File type: PDF | 15.8 mb

Book of Space Grid Structures

A benefit of this type of structure is that very large spaces can be covered, uninterrupted by support from the ground.A space frame is a three-dimensional framework for enclosing spaces in which all members are interconnected and act as a single entity.The technical level is aimed at professional and student architects and engineers worldwide and it also serves as a useful construction manual.

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Architectural Press (1-2000) | File type: PDF | 180 pages | ISBN:0750632755 | 5.8mb

Book of Park (Landscape Design)

architecture book of how to design landscape and Park.

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download here Landscape Design
ARCHIWORLD | 2005 | English, Korean | ISBN: 8957701516 | 291 pages | File type: PDF | 35,9 mb

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Digital Arts Magazine Edition March 2008

ebook MAGAZINE. Digital Arts addresses the needs of those within the exploding digital media market by providing relevant and forward thinking content, and by consistently running more exclusive reviews and features than any other magazine or Web site in the market.

Now in its fifth year, Digital Arts consistenly delivers high-quality content, providing its professional readership with the latest news and reviews first

This guarantees that Digital Arts always provides the best, most up-to-date information, keeping it well ahead of every other magazine or Web site in the market.

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download here Digital Arts Magazine Password: LiverpoolFC

Published in the UK, Digital Arts benefits from the backing of the world's largest IT publisher, IDG.

Tutorial Corel Draw Pro Magazine

tutorial corel draw pro

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download here Tutorial Corel Draw Pro

February 2008 | PDF | English | 4.8 MB

Spaces Magazine Edition December 2010/January 2011

design and interior magazine. Spaces Magazine features the best in home design, gardening, entertaining, and green-livingstyle in the Twin Cities.

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download here Spaces Magazine
English | 83 Pages | 16MB | True PDF

Friday, December 24, 2010

A typology of Procedures and Products in Urban Design

Urban Design: A typology of Procedures and Products. architecture book. Explains what is meant by Urban Design and explores the variety of types of urban design that has taken place during the last 50 years.
*Enables students and professionals to understand the meaning of urban design by presenting an analysis of case studies from the past 5 decades.
* Illustrates how urban design guidelines and processes have been used in a broad range of projects around the world.
* Helps architects and planners to define their goals and to confidently predict design outcomes.

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Publisher: Architectural Press (November 1, 2005) | ISBN: 0750666285 | Pages: 400 | PDF | 17,32 MB

Guide Book to Lighting Design

Lighting by Design, Second Edition, book architecture. Lighting by Design provides guidance on where to find inspiration for lighting ideas, how to plan the technical detail and how to execute the plan to create safe, effective and beautiful schemes. his new edition is fully updated and produced in full colour with many new diagrams and photographs. It will be immensely useful to professional and student architects, interior designers and specialist lighting designers.

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Publisher: Architectural Press; 2 edition (November 20, 2008) | ISBN: 0750687681 | Pages: 264 | PDF | 16,19 MB

Recording Studio Book Guide

Recording Studio Design, Second Edition. architecture book. Recording Studio Design is essential reading for anyone involved in building, renovating and maintaining recording studios. Good acoustics in a recording studio is crucial to the success of a project, and the financial implications of failure means getting things right first time is essential.
*Provides great detail on the practical recording application in various acoustic environments
*Complex issues are explained and real solutions provided
*Benifit from Newell's years of experience, designing over 200 studios including Manor and Town House Studios

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Focal Press | December 22, 2007 | ISBN: 0240520866 | 736 pages | PDF | 25 Mb

Book of Urban Design: Green Dimensions

Urban Design: Green Dimensions, Second Edition book download.ustainable development and green design to the realm of urban design and development. Examining regional and local frameworks for design and planning, this book shows how sustainable urban design can be implemented on every scale.The book provides a rounded discussion of the application and suitability of current practice, and predicts future design needs.Updating the reader on topics such as energy efficiency, sustainable city forms and the culture of new urbanism, this completely revised and restructured second edition also includes brand new chapters on the Urban Park and Bio-diversity

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Publisher: Architectural Press; 2 edition (February 25, 2005) | ISBN: 0750662077 | Pages: 272 | PDF | 10,53 MB

Design building for Performing art

Buildings for the Performing Arts, Second Edition: A Design and Development Guide. A detailed analysis of all design and development issues and the relationships with clients and consultants are explored adopting a very discerning approach. The specific studies that follow analyse in a masterly way the critical requirements of the auditorium and platform/stage, support facilities and their relationship, and examine the effects of site conditions, their time scale and financial appraisal.This superb design and development guide must be essential reading for all design teams involved in the initiation, planning, design and building of facilities for the various performing arts.

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Architectural Press | ISBN: 0750668350 | edition 2008 | PDF | 296 pages | 15,4 Mb

How to Design Hotel guide

Design Hotels: Architectural Design by Links Editorial, the book represents 24 hotels in different parts of the world, by different famous architects.
This great souce book of ideas combines:
1. Interior and exterior design photographs
2. Architectural drawings, renderings, and elevations
3. Floor plans
4. Fully descriptive text in both English and Spanish

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Publisher: Links | Number Of Pages: 238 | Publication Date: 1998-06 | ISBN-10: 8489861013 | PDF | 45 Mb

Design Stadium in the World

stadium word cup design handbook. R. Sheard, R. Powell, P. Cook, "The Stadium: Architecture for the New Global Culture". Get into the center of the action with The Stadium, a book that takes you to some of the finest event centers across the globe. Sports fans in the United States can revisit their own home fields such as the Reliant Stadium in Houston, SBC Park in San Francisco, Oriole Park in Baltimore, and experience international attractions such as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, Wembley in London, Arsenal in London, and the Olympic Stadium in Sydney. With 250 eye-popping photos and 70 architectural plans,this book defines the stadium as a worlwide cultural icon.

download here
Periplus Editions | ISBN: 0794603351 | 2005-07-15 | PDF | 208 pages | 365 Mb

how to design Designing the Sustainable School

The Book presents a survey of Kindergarten through 12th-grade schools from around the world featuring projects that combine the best in aesthetics, sustainability and high-performance design. The book utilizes 45 case studies to illustrate the range of sustainable and high performance design solutions currently being applied to K-12 school design.

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Images Publishing Group Pty. Ltd. | 256 pages | English | ISBN: 1864702370 | PDF | 533 MB

Design Practical Ideas for Small Spaces

architecture book download Cristina Paredes, "Practical Ideas for Small Spaces". t he problems with housing today are common knowledge almost the world over. Small apartments, high prices, increasingly heterogeneous families, etc. These problems, which occur especially in urban environments, affect an increasingly high percentage of the population. The aim of Practical Ideas for Small Spaces is to provide readers with practical and manageable ideas to adapt their small homes to the different needs and paces of their lives

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Loft Publications | ISBN: 8496936309 | June 30, 2008 | PDF | 200 pages | 24 mb

South America Beach Houses Magazine

architecutre book. Sylvia Haidar, "Beach houses of South America". There are simple, practical homes for families and friends and lavish seaside weekenders, all of which share one thing in common as beach houses they are also a sanctuary in which to relax and unwi . Within these beautiful landscapes, each project displays the architect's ability to strike a balance between nature and dwelling place, as well as their innate sense of what makes South American beach houses culturally unique. Many houses offer a new slant on an age-old culture, or are deeply influenced by their natural surroundings their architects always mindful of working in a fragile environment

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Images Publishing Dist A/C | July 19, 2006 | ISBN: 1876907827 | 160 pages | JPG | 40 MB

Building Facade Book

e-book architecutre . book fasade Face up to facades--with full information on dozens of construction materials. Priceless guide to creating the public face of any building! Stunning color photographs plus detailed technical information! What gives a building its personality? Its facade, of course. Facades Selection offers an exhaustive study of the public face of buildings, from first idea to final execution. Each chapter focuses on a specific material, exploring the design possibilities and construction details of each one. With more than 600 photographs and illustrations, Facades Selection is an indispensable one-volume resource.

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download here Building Facade Book
Links | 2006 | ISBN: N/A | Only 152 pages | JPG | 90 MB

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